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The Custom Coaching® membership includes an individually customized plan, and with one or more modules added to the plan (one module is mandatory) you decide the purpose of your training, whether it be weight loss or improving and developing your stamina. Modules are listed below:


Complete meal plans including breakfast, lunch, daily juice, dinner and before-bed-snack.


Your choice of sport/s or multisport, e.g. running or Triathlon


A customized workout plan and access to inspiring fitness videos

Sport Nutrition

Daily pre- and post workout shakes, including nutrition before, during and after Sport

Personal Coaching

An individual session monthly on the day of your choice, and a group session


To Custom Coaching® advisors with guidance on how to complete your customized plan

Monthly newsletter

With nutrition of the month menus


Group Training: access to weekly swim, bike, run sessions with the CC squad. These are free for all and a great way to get your training completed..


On which modules to choose




This module is designed to permanently change the way you think about food while guiding you to a leaner and healthier physique. You will improve visually by gaining muscle mass, less body fat and increased performance in every aspect of your life. Not to mention improved health and overall fitness.

Below are a few basic requirements for this module:

  • Your first meal should occur within 20 minutes of waking up time.
  • All meals should be spaced 2-4 hours apart. The earlier in the morning you can start your first meal the better the results.
  • Make sure to get enough sunlight every day and use fresh ingredients, if possible organic.
  • The nutrition module is designed with a common budget in mind. The goal is to use berries and other ingredients repeatedly in a format that generates a great deal of variety with the same ingredients.

    Don't get too worked up if you cannot follow this module exactly. What is important is that you get the required food so at the end of the day you have eaten everything listed or made appropriate food substitutions.


    The sport module is divided into the different activities Custom Coaching support. The reason for this is to make the training schedule relevant and specific for your needs. Custom Coaching is specialized on creating schedules for different kind of endurance sports.

    Aquathlon: Aquathlon is a multi-sport consisting of combinations of swimming and running. Races are continuous with no break between the two disciplines. The official distances used at the ITU Aquathlon World Championships are 2.5km (run), 1km (swim), 2.5km (run). There are many aquathlon races in the UAE to enjoy during the racing season.

    Cycling: Cycle racing has three main forms: road racing (typically over long distances), pursuit (on an oval track), and cyclo-cross and MTB (over rough, open country). Custom coaching focuses on road racing. There are a plethora of road racing competitions and series in the UAE throughout the year. For safe training most outdoor sessions are done at either Al Qudra Cycling track in the desert or at Nad Al Sheba Cycling track.

    Duathlon: Duathlon is a multi-sport event that consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg in a format bearing some resemblance to triathlons. The International Triathlon Union governs the sport internationally. In the UAE there are many competitions for duathlon during the race season.

    Swimming: Swimming is an individual or team sport. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. In addition to these individual events, swimmers also participate in relays. Swimmers can also compete in open-water events (i.e. swimming in the Ocean). In the UAE we can enjoy both open water and pool swimming competitions. Training is often done at either your local swimming pool or at Hamdan Sport Complex or Fit Republic which both hosts a 50m Olympic pools.

    Triathlon: A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. While many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. Triathletes compete for fastest overall course completion time, including timed "transitions" between the individual swim, cycle, and run components. In the UAE there are many competitions over most distances during the year.


    Our Fitness program gives you a customized workout program buitl around your roster with doable and realistic workouts ranging from 10-60 minutes. You will have access to your workout video by dropbox and can be accessed anywhere when online. These videos prep you to get fit fast with sports specific training insprired by pro athletes.

    This 30 day program includes drills to maximize your speed, coordination, agility and power. Our workouts use the science of muscle confusion as well as a breakthrough in sports science called muscle integration to get you absolutely ripped. These easy to do workouts do not require any equipment and can easily be done in the privacy of your own home or hotel room when down route.

    Additionally, specially selected recovery workouts will be placed in your customized program for easy recovery from flights.

    Sport Nutrition

    All important sports nutrition for before, during, after and between your sports or fitness module session. These carefully selected pre workout shakes will get you ready for your workout.

    Guidance will be given on how much sports nutrition to use during your sports session and this product will be INCLUDED in your package. Yes, you read that right, you will have all the sports nutrition you need for 1 month. The post workout shake recipes will make you recover faster and keep you injury free.

    Remember, those muscle need to rebuild the damage you did to them, so rest and good quality post workout nutrition is crucial to your plan to success.

    Additionally, a power shake recipe is included to make when needed in case you feel you need some extra power or when on the run as a meal replacement.

    Personal Training

    A personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers also measure their client's strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments.

    These fitness assessments may also be performed before and after an exercise program to measure their client's improvements in physical fitness.

    All Custom Coaching’s PTs are certified to level-3 and have long experience of training on elite level themselves.